Frequently Asked Questions

No, you must check with your local animal control to find out if there are any restrictions in your area. You must check with your city, county, and state. Please do so before calling us to inquire about any animal. That will be the first question I ask you.

Most of the time it depends on whether you are comparing a licensed , properly permitted, vet-inspected facility to an illegal, unlicensed backyard possible puppy-mill-type factory or sometimes different breeders set different prices based on demographics, seasons and many other reasons. The most important thing is to find yourself a breeder that you feel comfortable working with and one that is willing to work with you. If price is your only reason to choose one animal over another, we do suggest you do more research on the animal you are thinking of getting.

This question is impossible to answer accurately 100% of the time. The correct answer is any animal can cohabitate with any other person or pet if proper safety protocols are enforced. Most of the time it varies depending on the responsibility and maturity level of your kids and tendency for aggression in other pet animals in your home. You have to be the judge of that, I cannot. You also must consider in the wild if your current pets would be considered food for your new pets or vice-versa . A cat will eat a mouse! Many animals introduced at young ages are often fine. Only you can truly answer this question.

Let me start by saying I am a small breeder. I don’t mass produce any animals. Each animal born here is taught to take a bottle or formula from us and socialized, and of course standard vet visits before leaving for their new homes. This is very time consuming. It’s best to contact us to find out when babies are born. Most animals breed by season, not because we pair them up. Mother Nature does play a huge part in this. After we talk and you’re ready to make the commitment, place a deposit. A deposit is a partial payment of the total price, not an additional amount.

Yes, but additional shipping charges are paid for by you. A health certificate is also required by law before any animal can be shipped out of state. Please check with your local animal control for your area. Our vet cannot issue a health certificate to an area where an exotic animal is prohibited.You must check with your city, county, and state. If you pay a deposit on an animal that is prohibited where you live the sale will be cancelled and your deposit will not be refunded. Texas Exotic Animals will NEVER knowingly sell any animal to any person living in an area illegal to own them. DO NOT ASK.

You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase one of our animals.
No, I am sorry. We do not have an exhibitor’s license. We do not provide any animal entertainment shows and we are not considered a zoo. If you purchase an animal from us, you will be invited for care lesson, bottle feeding lessons, and advice on enclosures at your request. We are a private breeding facility. Only our clients are permitted. This is not a public place, it is my home.

Yes all animals we sell are warrantied for congenital health issues. We cannot warranty our animals for contracted diseases or improper care by you once they leave our property. Please stay in contact with us if you ever have diet or care questions. My promise to you: I won’t ever be more than an email or phone call away. Most of my clients also have access to my personal Facebook, business Facebook, and many of the exotic animal groups I administrate. For the lifetime of your new pet, I will be here to help answer your questions and share my advice. I don’t just breed and sell. I am here for you long after the money changes hands. I do care about every baby I produce. If the unfortunate time ever comes that you cannot care for your pet, I will take them in. Your pet will never be homeless. We do not provide refunds.

Google or Facebook is a good starting point. Please make sure to ask them if they have experience with the animal you are thinking of adding to your family. Many vets advertise they are an exotic vet and treat mostly birds, ferrets and other pet shop type exotic animals. If you are in Texas, we have been extremely pleased with our vet Dr. Cathy Cranmore, Tri Lakes Vet clinic.