About Texas Exotic Animals

Many pet breeders who specialize in exotic pets advertise “hand fed” animals. At Texas Exotic Animals we try and go a step further. Unlike dogs and cats that have gone through many centuries of domestication, most exotic animals available to the public are only a few generations from their wild heritage. This means that it takes a bit more effort, attention, and interaction to create/maintain them as a good “pet” that will enjoy interaction with humans. With most wild animals their fear and avoidance of humans is one of their best and strongest instincts, and what keeps them alive.

There are activists who claim that all exotic animals should be left in the wild. However, the truth is that habitat destruction and human encroachment impact exotic animal populations on a daily basis. Every second we lose an area of tropical rain-forest larger than two football fields. With that in mind controlled, professional breeding is the best chance that many exotic animals have for survival and preservation of their species.

As long as you can provide a suitable environment and proper care you can feel good about helping to care for one of nature’s fascinating creatures.